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As a guitar player and musician with over 21 years of playing experience, lot's of my friends ask me about learning to play the guitar.  One question is asked almost right away.  "What kind of guitar should I get?"

Believe it or not, there's a lot more to that question than you might expect.  I'm about to dump over 21 years of guitar playing expert advice into your brain so fast, your friends will think you've been playing for years.  Sure, you wanna play right away, but first things first.

Let's make a deal.  You let me tell you what I know about guitars so that you don't make a big mistake when you buy one (new or used), and tomorrow I'll tell you the fastest way you can learn to play.

  • Don't get ripped off buying a cheap, hard to play guitar...
  • Discover the 3 things that will cause you to TRIPLE your learning time if you don't know them...
  • Uncover the secret cheap guitar manufacturers don't want you to know - if you don't know this, you'll spend WAY too much on your guitar and end up with a piece of junk...
  • Find out what difference simple things like 'wood selection' can make on your tone, playability, and overall sound...
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If you want to start playing guitar, you've gotta learn the lingo.  That way your guitar playing friends don't laugh at you, and you'll look like you really know what you're talking about.

Trust me, this report will make a big difference in your future as a guitar player, and it's free.

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